About Kudzu

What You Need to Know

Since 2006, Kudzu Staffing has been a company that strives for excellence in every category. As we find and train new employees and partner with various companies across South Carolina and Georgia, we are reminded to never stop growing. Our name is derived from the Kudzu plant. It is a reminder of our mission and goals. Like Kudzu, we are fast growing, hard to stop and cover everything. Kudzu Staffing has stayed true to that mission and was ranked one of the ‘Top 20 Fastest Growing Large Companies in South Carolina by the SC Biz Magazine.’

We continuously strive to meet the needs of our employees and clients through all of our industries. Whether it be construction, manufacturing, medicine, education, etc., we are determined to exude expertise and professionalism at all times. No matter what type of staffing services you may need, we’ve got you covered!

Why Use Kudzu to Find A Job?

At Kudzu Staffing, we treat every employee like family. Our priority is to find qualified individuals and provide them with sustainable job opportunities. 

We provide new hires with all of the resources they need to start, including:

  • W-2 forms
  • I-9 forms
  • Employee timesheets
  • Direct deposit forms
  • Employee handbook sign-off form

We believe in not only hiring individuals, but cultivating long-lasting relationships. Like kudzu, we are fast growing, hard to stop, and cover everything. We see each of our employees as uniquely talented, independent, and hardworking individuals. Our desire is to never stop growing. 

If you’re interested in joining the Kudzu Staffing family, contact us! 

Why Use Kudzu Staffing For Your Business 

Looking For Employement?

Career Opportunities 


“It is a pleasure to work with the ladies of Kudzu Staffing. They have helped us tremendously by providing the sourcing and training of our district's substitutes. All of our required background history and medical testing is done to our specifications every time. Their knowledge and ability to adapt their trainings to meet our needs is priceless. They are always ready to go above and beyond to find us the best people and to help in any way that they can.”

School District of Pickens County September 9, 2020

“I would like to write this letter to say how proud as an organization we are to have teamed up with Kudzu staffing. You and your staff have gone above and beyond our expectations. Kudzu has been available to us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You have delivered on short notice and have met our needs even during awkward times. Kudzu has tailored their services to meet our needs and worked hard to help with cost savings. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Kudzu.”

Southeast Operations Manager, Automotive Industry September 9, 2020

“On behalf of Valmont Columbia Galvanizing, please accept this letter of recommendation regarding the services of Kudzu Staffing in Columbia, SC. We took the opportunity to give Kudzu Staffing a try last year to help fill our general labor positions. Kudzu has done an excellent job with meeting our needs. This even includes receiving phone calls very late in the afternoon with us needing someone the next morning. Just recently, we reached out to Kudzu Staffing to fill an administrative position. We received an adequate sampling of qualified individuals to select to interview. Even though some resumes did not appear strong, Kudzu was confident in their selection. Every candidate interviewed could easily have filled the position. It is without any reservations that I recommend Kudzu Staffing to meet your staffing needs.”

Valmont Columbia Galvanizing September 9, 2020

“Over the last six months, I have greatly appreciated the timely and reliable services Kudzu has provided our facility. Kudzu’s support during our times of need has been priceless. One of the things I find most rare and valuable about Kudzu Staffing Agency is their ability to put the needs of our residents and staff above their own and find intelligent and compassionate nurses and certified nursing assistants to provide coverage at Opus. Whether it is a last minute call out or during non-business hours, the staff at Kudzu are always friendly and professional. There are truly no bounds to the support that we receive. On behalf of the staff and residents at Opus Post-Acute Rehabilitation, I would like to highly recommend Kudzu Staffing Agency to all business or medical facilities in need.”

Opus Post-Acute Rehabilitation September 9, 2020


Benefits of Kudzu Staffing

At Kudzu Staffing, we want to provide work for as many qualified employees as possible while supplying companies with an excellent staff that meets their needs. Our goal is to ensure that our employees and employers are satisfied with their treatment and service above all else. At Kudzu Staffing, we’ve got you covered. 

For Employees

At Kudzu Staffing, we want to provide every resource possible for our employees. By offering consistent job opportunities in construction, education, medical care, and more, we have endless opportunities for nearly any individual.

Not only do we offer hundreds of job opportunities, we provide everything you need to get started! 


Our desire is to equip every employee with the confidence to tackle any job with professionalism, knowledge and resourcefulness. We want our employees to feel that their hard work is recognized. That’s why we offer various benefits for each member of our Kudzu family.


  • Paid vacation time 
  • Holiday pay 
  • Health insurance 

For Employers

Are you looking for qualified, part-time employees? At Kudzu Staffing, our mission is to serve as an extension of your HR department. All of our employees go through a thorough screening process to maintain quality assurance. 

Employee Screening

  • Multi-state, nationwide background screen
  • Five-panel drug screen
  • Reference checks on at least two of their previous employers
  •  Required to provide a 10-year Motor Vehicle Report 

Hair follicle testing and 10-panel drug screens are also available if needed. 

Specialized Testing 

Kudzu Staffing also partners with a local health care facility for specialized physical testing such as: 

  • Eye exams
  • Color-blind testing
  • DOT physicals
  • Pre-employment physicals

All of our detailed, thorough testing is part of our satisfaction guarantee. We want all of our employers to be completely confident that our employees are verified, qualified individuals who will provide high-quality work. We always want to be meticulous in making sure that each employee we offer is of the highest quality. However, if you are dissatisfied with your employee, you may send them back to your Kudzu Staffing agency within 4 hours and will not be charged.

Learn more about Kudzu giving back to the community.

Our Locations

Like Kudzu, we are fast growing, hard to stop, and cover everything.

Greenville, SC

Phone: 864-272-0181
Fax: 864-295-1210

Charleston, SC

Phone: 843-225-0123
Fax: 843-225-0185

Columbia, SC

Phone: 803-217-3320
Fax: 803-217-3323

Fort Mill, SC

Phone: 803-560-2838
Fax: 803-560-2159

Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-303-4325
Fax: 706-993-3342

Savannah, GA

Phone: 803-217-3320
Fax: 803-217-3323

Kudzu Medical

Phone: 864-272-0182
Fax: 864-272-0436

Kudzu Education

Phone: 864-272-0183