Staffing Your Business

Why would I use Kudzu for my staffing needs?

Our mission is to serve as an extension of your HR department, providing you with the resources you need to drive your business forward. We always want to be meticulous in ensuring that each employee we offer is of the highest quality. That’s why each of our employees undergo a thorough screening process.

Employees are subject to a multi-state, nationwide background screen, a five-panel drug screen, and reference checks on at least two of their previous employers. Any employees required to drive a vehicle in their position must also provide a 10-year Motor Vehicle Report. Hair follicle testing and 10-panel drug screens are available if needed. Kudzu Staffing also partners with a local health care facility for specialized testing, such as eye exams, color-blind testing, DOT physicals, and pre-employment physicals. This process ensures that every Kudzu Staffing employee is fit to work and is of the highest quality so that your business can operate smoothly and efficiently.

Part of carrying out our mission involves maintaining our employer satisfaction guarantee. While we do everything we can to ensure that each of our employees is experienced and qualified for their assigned job, we understand that not every employee is a perfect fit for your company. If you find that one of our employees is not the best fit for your job requirements, contact us within four hours of the hire, and you will not be charged.

Find qualified, experienced employees through Kudzu Staffing!

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Kudzu Staffing aims to serve as an extension of your HR department

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Are you looking for your new HR extension? Find qualified employees through Kudzu Staffing! Some of our employees have worked in their industry for years, others are new and eager to work hard. Either way, all of our employees are screened and approved with the Kudzu Staffing satisfactions guarantee. Don’t stress about finding a good employee. Kudzu wants to instill confidence in all of our employers that our employees are better than the best! To request an employee, simply fill out the form below. At Kudzu Staffing, we’ve got you covered!