A Note from the Experts

Why should my company use Kudzu Staffing?


“This is one of my favorite questions to answer for a client.  The answer is because of our people.  Our people separate us from our competitors and put us in a league all by ourselves.  Kudzu’s speed to fill orders, accuracy, and quality placements are all attributable to our fantastic recruiters.  Our motto is that we don’t throw mud against the wall and hope it sticks.  We would rather not send anyone than send a person that is not qualified for the job.

Another reason we are different is because of our structure.  Our recruitment to fill your orders is a true team effort.  We have ten in-house recruiters that are cross-trained in manufacturing, skilled trade, road construction, nursing and clerical staffing.  When an order comes in then EVERYONE pounces!  Many staffing companies have one recruiter working an order, we have TEN!  Our philosophy and approach is that we will send a better person in less time.  This makes our customers and employees very happy.

Kudzu Staffing does not treat our employees as “temps”.  Our employees are part of the Kudzu family.  We believe that an employee that is treated with respect and dignity performs better for our clients and improves longevity on the job.  We are an extension of our client’s Human Resource Department, not a day labor company.  Kudzu’s employees are afforded a very comprehensive benefit package as well.  This extensive benefit package includes health insurance, vacation pay, holiday pay, and a retirement package.  These benefits help us to retain and attract the best of the best so we can send them to our client locations.

We are also available 24/7!  As owners, we are always available to answer a question for a client or employee.  Our recruiters are also a phone call away for those last minute needs that arise.  We believe in doing what we say we are going to do… and do it right.  As my dad always told me, “Measure twice and cut once.”  We don’t make mistakes when it comes to sending employees to our client locations.”

-Sean Thornton, Principal Owner

How is the staffing industry evolving and what impact does it have on my company?


I’m asked quite often what type of business I’m in. When I say staffing, it seems to get a negative connotation. I believe most associate it with low skill, temporary work. This is fine and there is a demand for that for sure. However, staffing has gone further in the last few years with additional services and needs for more professional, long term employees.

For example, staffing is a great way for a company to outsource hiring demands, for allowing them to focus on their daily tasks while lowering the overall investment to bring in new employees. Some of the costs and responsibilities that fall onto a staffing agency include: advertisement, time cost of internal recruiting, time cost of recruiter’s assistant in reviewing resumes, and performing other recruitment-related tasks, time cost of the person conducting the interviews, drugs screens and background checks, and various pre-employment assessment tests. Not every new hire will demand the entire process, but even an $8/hour employee can end up costing a company around $3,500 in turnover costs, both direct and indirect.  In most cases, once the employee has met the contractual agreement, which is 520 hours or approximately 3 months, the employee, if the client chooses, can be hired onto their payroll; thus avoiding bad hires that inflate the cost of the hiring process.

Long-term staffing or outsourcing is becoming more popular. The clients can identify a portion of their workforce they wish to outsource. It could be for a variety of reasons, i.e. the nature of the job that lends to high turnover, portion of employees needing insurance coverage, and workers comp, etc. The clients’ only responsibility is to turn in time and convey any hiring needs or assignment terminations…and that’s basically it! Depending on a clients’ size, a deal can be reached for us to supply what is referred to as on “on-site” rep. This person does interviewing, drug screenings, e-verifications, background checks, and timesheets, etc. while on-site at the client’s facility.

As you can see the industry has evolved into what Kudzu Staffing refers to as “An Extension of your HR Department” or in some cases complete employee outsourcing. The client can reduce exposure on WC and unemployment claims and avoid the hiring/firing pitfalls. We keep up with all changes involving The Affordable Health Care Act, thus providing our clients with the peace of mind to focus on their core business.

So, when I get a chance to go further into what exactly staffing/placement is about, I make sure the client recognizes their needs and sees the value of what we have to offer. At the end of the day, this is what it is about. Creating the value, and backing it up with the best service in the industry.”

– Will Jones, Principal Owner